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Beauty & Skin Care Treatments

Choose the 5* rated team at Escape in St Andrews for a wide range of professional, relaxing skin care treatments that offer great results

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We have a treatment to suit everyone, including the new COMCIT facial by Crystal Clear Skin Care.

Escape is based in the heart of St Andrews and we offer a huge range of beauty and skin care treatments. We have an excellent reputation, fantastic reviews and we are now one of only a handful of beauty salons in Scotland that is an approved Crystal Clear Skin Clinic able to offer facial treatments that include COMCIT, Frozen and H20 Glow Facials. Browse our full range of treatments on the price list below and get in touch to book your appointment with us today.

What is COMCIT?

"Fast becoming our most talked about skin treatment, COMCIT treats ageing, dehydrated skin with results that are simply staggering and provides an instant, perfect dewy glow for that special occasion, wedding or red carpet event. COMCIT is our most effective skin revitalisation and rehydration treatment yet, tailored to deliver exactly what your skin needs. Heralding a move away from injections and fillers, Crystal Clear COMCIT™ is a non-surgical alternative treatment that is the first of its kind anywhere in the world! Read more about it on

Price List: Price List

Treatment Price List

**A 50% deposit is required for all bookings over £20. This is non refundable if appointments are cancelled within our 24 hour cancellation policy or fail to arrive on the day.**



Allow 70 Mins (including consultation). Perfect for both men and women

Add on Back Massage or choose 2 from Scalp, Hand &foot massage


Whether it is hormonal changes, pollution, stress or any other cause, after a thorough skin diagnosis, your therapist will tailor the treatment to your specific concerns and skin type. Choose from:

Youth Expert

– firms, tones and helps to smooth fine lines

Radiance Booster

- refreshes and radiates tired, lacklustre skin

Power Hydrator

- a long drink for the skin, ideal for dry, fragile skin types, restores comfort and plumpness

Anti-Blemish Rescue

– a detoxifying and purifying treatment, shine is reduced and pores appear tighter

Skin Soother

 – Calms and soothes sensitive skin for immediate comfort

Detox & Glow - For 16-25 year olds, just 30 minutes. £30

Get the goodness in and nasties out with NEW My Clarins, great for tired, dull complexions


 -To Go - make up application       £35

One to One - make up                     £40  application with hints, tips and showing techniques


Clarins Skin Treatments


Ultra Relaxing Facial (allow 60 mins)

This facial aims to soothe the mind and rebalance the skin. By combining our deeply relaxing massage and calming essential oils, you will be able to completely disconnect from the stresses of modern life and worries of the outside world. Your mind will be rebalanced, refocused and the tension in your skin will disappear.


Add on Back Massage or choose 2 from Scalp, Hand &foot massage


Beauty Sleep (allow 70 mins)

Lack of sleep can really take its toll on your skin, using specially selected products and gentle massage movements, we will relax
you from head to toe. This is proven to increase your sleep quality. Expect immediate beauty results and long-term wellbeing benefits. Skin is soothed, radiant and refreshed, whilst stress is diminished.


Energy Booster (allow 70 mins)

This vitality-boosting, mood enhancing treatment uses energising massage movements and optimised pressure to encourage relaxation and help rebalance body and mind. After, your skin will look radiant and your body will feel recalibrated.


Mother-to-be (allow 60 mins)

Our specially created treatment focuses on nurturing your body both during and after pregnancy. Using the most gentle products we’ll nourish skin, whilst improving its tone and elasticity. Our massage will aim to release tensions, reduce heaviness in the legs & fight fatigue. Afterwards, you will feel energised and wonderfully relaxed.


Rebalancing Massage (allow 70 mins)

Using a bespoke sequence of energising or relaxing movements and pressure point techniques, this deep and rhythmic full body massage not only releases muscular knots and tensions but helps to clear the mind, restore vitality and flagging energy levels, intensified with an essential oil blend rich in invigorating Rosemary, Mint and Rosewood.


Hot Stone Massage (allow 60 mins)

Warm stones help relieve tension, fight fatigue and deliver an all round wellbeing boost. Combined with our expert massage and blissful aroma therapeutic oils, you can expect total body relaxation.


 Tension Ease Massage (allow 60 mins)

Whether you’ve pushed yourself at the gym or had a hectic work week, this intensely therapeutic massage will ease tense shoulders, back knots and aches. Aromatic essential oils supercharge the stress-relieving
benefits, restoring your sense of wellbeing.


Back, Neck & Scalp Massage (allow 35 mins)

This tension relieving, knot-fighting massage delivers instant and long lasting relief from any stiff ness and soreness. Your therapist will adapt the pressure and customise our professional spa-only products to maximise the results for you.


Expert Body Treatment

Body Shaper  - combining draining and detoxifying massage with potent plant enriched products to enhance your silhouette.

Body Renew - a relaxing treatment to refresh your skin, a gentle exfoliation to detox & renew, then adding an indulgent layer of lotions to deliver deep hydration.


Add on Facial or Scalp, Neck & Shoulder massage


Clarins Body Treatments
Clarin Body Treatments

Treatment times include consultation


Escape Refresh Facial

Allow 40 mins


Swedish Full Body

Allow 60 mins


Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulders

Allow 30 mins


Aromatherapy Full Body

Allow 60 mins


Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulders

Allow 30 mins


Hot Stone Full Body

Allow 60 mins


Hot Stone Back, Neck & Shoulders

Allow 30 mins


Golfers' Massage ( focus on back & backs of legs)

Allow 45 mins


Scalp, Neck & Shoulders

Allow 30 mins


Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

Allow 60 mins


Deep Tissue Back Massage

Allow 30 mins


Massage Treatments


Lash Tint

Brow Tint

Lash & Brow Tint

Eye Package (Lash & brow tint, brow shape)

Allow 20 mins

Allow 10 mins

Allow 30 mins

Allow 30 mins


Lash Bomb Lash Lift & Tint

Allow 60 mins

Russian Lash Extensions
Allow 1hr 45 mins



 Luxury Eye Package (Lash lift & tint, brow tint & shape)
Allow 60 mins

Classic Lash Infill
Allow 45 mins
From £40



 Classic Semi-permanent Lashes
Allow 90 mins

Hybrid Lash Infill
Allow 60 mins
From £40


Hybrid Lash Extensions
Allow 1hr 30mins

Russian Lash Infill
Allow 70 mins
From £50


Eye Treatments

CACI Treatments

Signature Non-Surgical Facial (allow 60 mins)


Ultimate Non-surgical Facial (allow 90 mins)

Includes Microdermabrasion & Hydratone mask


Non-Surgical Eye Lift Treatment (allow 35 mins)


Ultimate Non-Surgical Eye Lift Treatment (allow 45 mins)

Includes Microdermabrasion


Caci Eye Revive (allow 35 mins)

This treatment combines active micro-current eye rollers, which are infused with CACI Eye Revive Serum and CACI’s Eye Revive Mask. The Eye Revive Mask is packed full of hyaluronic acid and collagen to help soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with green tea and cucumber extract to detoxify, calm, soothe and re-energise eyes.


Ultimate Healing Treatment (allow 30 mins)

Targets areas of congestion, scarring pigmentation and sun damage with the use of Microdermabrasion, wrinkle comb & LED light therapy


Ultimate Skin Revitalisation (allow 45 mins)

Monthly boost or pre occasion, includes microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, Hydratone Mask & wrinkle comb


Orbital Microdermabrasion (allow 30 mins)

An advanced skin exfoliation treatment which uses disposable buffer heads to remove dead skin cells, revealing newer, fresher looking skin


CACI Treatments


Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion

Allow 30 mins

A controlled form of resurfacing in which diamond grain gently exfoliates the outer layer of the skin whilst vacuum suction eliminates toxins. This procedure promotes collagen and elastin production. The results are immediate, skin can appear revitalised and firmer.

Standard Treatments - £45

With additional scalp, neck and shoulder massage (allow 60 mins) - £65


Frozen Facial (allow 65 minutes)

The most effective and advanced skin rejuvenation yet, tackling lines, wrinkles & pigmentation. A full cleanse and exfoliation followed by our groundbreaking COMCIT Elite treatment using Cryo-Oxygen and Microchannelling rollers to infuse the skin with potent serums, tailor made to your needs. Collagen production is stimulated to plump and firm the skin.


Course of 6 £475

H20 Glow Facial (allow 65 minutes)

A most intense hydration treatment giving red carpet results. Freezing cold oxygen is delivered throughout the epidermis to nourish and invigorate skin cells , while the Micro-Channeling rollers allows Hyaluronic Acid to reach deeper dermal layers, plumping and rebalancing the skin from inside out. Brighter, fresher  & hydrated skin that glows with a more youthful radiance.


Course of 6 £475

Oxygen Therapy Facial (allow 50 minutes)

 Crystal Clear’s ground breaking treatment is just the ticket when your skin needs a quick shot of Oxygen, the elixir of life. Oxygen – a breath of fresh air for congested complexions. Ideal for city dwellers, this rejuvenating treatment ‘feeds’ cells starved of precious oxygen,  restoring radiance and counteracting fatigue. Using our high-pressure oxygen in a close circuit environment to push our action-packed serum bubbling with cell-energizing extracts into the skin. This unique action plumps the skin from the inside out and regenerates lackluster complexions. Offering an immediate anti-fatigue effect whilst effectively addressing a whole host of common skin concerns. Acne management, Rosacea along with offering an intense anti-ageing treatment that plumps the skin from the inside out. Crystal Clear Oxygen Therapy is a sophisticated and clinically proven treatment that delivers pulsed oxygen and skin restructuring actives where skin health, elasticity and firmness begin. The result is dramatically rejuvenated skin with visibly reduced lines and wrinkes




allow 45 mins £60



allow 30 mins £30

Prime and Peel is Crystal Clear's brand-new multi-layering peeling system. This non-invasive treatment can be incorporated with other facial treatments or performed as a stand-alone luxury treatment, resurfacing the inner layers whilst treating the outer layer,

Prime & Peel your way to radiant, luminous skin. Suitable for all skin types and perfect to target skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne & congestion, fine lines & wrinkles, scarring and much more.

**Patch test required 24 hours prior to


Microdermabrasion & Chemcal Peels


Luxury Manicure

Allow 60 mins

incl. exfoliation, mask and heat treatment, take home file & colour

Luxury Manicure (Gel Polish)

Allow 70 mins

incl. exfoliation, mask and heat treatment

Express Manicure

Allow 30 mins


Express Manicure (Gel Polish)

Allow 30 mins


Geleration Gel Polish Removal

Allow 30 mins

Luxury Pedicure

incl. exfoliation, mask and heat treatment, take home file & colour


Luxury Pedicure (Gel Polish)

Allow 70 mins

incl. exfoliation, mask and heat treatment


Express Pedicure

Allow 35 mins


Builder Gel (BIAB)

Biab, is a Hema Free hard gel which is long lasting, enabling nail growth, ideal or nail biters or pickers

Express Manicure with Builder Gel

Allow 1 hr 15 mins


BIAB Removal (only if done by us)

Allow 45 mins


BIAB Removal &  Express manicure Biab

Allow 1hr 30


BIAB Infill (only if done by us) 

Allow 1 hr


Hands & Feet


Intimate Waxing:

Brazilian (Landing strip above and neatened underneath) £33
Playboy (Landing strip above and bare underneath) £38
Californian (Neatened panty line and bare beneath) £38
Hollywood (Hair is removed completely) £44
Male Intimate Waxing, Prices from £60

Waxing Treatments

Half leg wax (30 mins) £23
Full leg wax (40 mins) £33
Half leg & bikini wax (40 mins) £30
Full leg & bikini wax (45 mins) £38
Underarms/bikini wax (15 mins) £15
Lip or chin wax (10 mins) £8
Lip & chin wax (15 mins) £15
Brow wax (10 mins) £10
Brow tweeze (15 mins) £12
Full arm wax (30 mins) £23
Half arm wax (15 mins) £18
Chest or back wax (30 mins) £25

Waxing & Tanning


Relax Package

Allow 2 hrs

Express facial, back, neck & shoulder massage & luxury manicure or pedicure

*Saving up to £28*

Holiday Package

Allow 1hr 35

Full leg, bikini & underarm wax, lash tint,
Mini manicure or mini pedicure

*Saving up to £15*

Wax Package

Allow 1hr

Full leg, bikini, underarm, brows, lip & chin


Saving £14

Runway Ready

Allow 1hr 50

CACI Eye Lift, Lash lift & Tint, express manicure or pedicure

*Saving up to £24

Just For Men

Allow 1hr 20

Escape  facial, back or chest wax, back, neck & shoulder massage

*Saving £20*

Packages & Offers
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Tuesday : 09:00 - 17:30
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Saturday : 09:00 - 16:00
Sunday : Closed

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"Excellent Muscle Ease Body Massage by Lena. Wow! Such an invigorating deep full body massage by a professional masseuse. Every muscle felt the benefit of this massage and would highly recommend ESCAPE & LENA all day long!"

Forrest Sloan, Facebook Review

Looking for skin care treatments in St Andrews? Choose Escape

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